Tourism growth at 56.5% compared to last year: Ministry

Ministry of Tourism has revealed that the Maldives tourism has seen a 56.6% growth compared to the same period last year.

As per the 'Maldives Tourism Update' released by the Ministry, the first eight days of June saw 30,562 tourist arrivals. Total tourist arrivals in June stood at 732,884, compared to 2021 which saw 468,387 arrivals for the same period. This marks a 56.6% growth in arrivals.

When compared to 2019, the same period saw 780,931 arrivals which mark a decline of -6.2% compared to the numbers this year.

Top five source markets this year so far; India with 104,800 arrivals, UK with 90,394 arrivals, Russia with 70,212 arrivals, Germany with 62,950 arrivals and Italy with 46,111 arrivals.

Total arrivals for 2021 was at 1.3 million. The government is aiming to take this number up to 2 million this year.