Unoosha and Shaan's 'Dil Udeyaa' music video surpasses 1 million views in three days

Unoosha and Shaan's music video for their latest song, 'Dil Udeyaa' has crossed the 1 million views mark within three days of release.

While the song which was released last Friday has over 1.1 million views on YouTube, it has over three thousand likes. The song has generally been received well, with people mainly praising the vocals and the melody of the song.

The song is mainly sung in Hindhi and Punjabi, though both Unoosha and Shaan had a rap verse in Dhivehi.

The music video for the song was shot in the Maldives, at the Hard Rock Hotel. Music was played by Maldivian artists. The song also uses sounds of the traditional Maldivian boduberu, and features Maldivians in the music video.

Shaan in an interview to an Indian newspaper had praised Unoosha's talent a lot. He noted how Unoosha had perfectly sung the Hindhi and Urdu verses.