EAS Barcelona Aviation School team to visit Maldives

A team from EAS Barcelona Aviation School is set to visit Maldives on Saturday.

Speaking to 'One' on Thursday, EAS Official Ismail Imthiyaz said that the team is visiting to hold information sessions on the opportunities available in aviation studies.

"EAS team will provide course details, course fees, and enrolment details to students", Imthiyaz said.

He added that EAS Barcelona has aviation courses at affordable prices for new students. Imthiyaz said that EAS Barcelon team will also meet the Addu Flying School aviation students about study opportunities in Barcelona.

As such, aviation students in Addu will be given priority by EAS Barcelona, and the students who transfer to Barcelona will continue studies from their current level, Imithiyaz said.

EAS Barcelona's team will be holding information sessions at Hotel Jen on Saturday and Sunday.