Maafushi gears up for Eid Al-Adha with fireworks and a colour run

Maafushi island in Kaafu Atoll is gearing up for Eid Al-Adha with fire works and a colour run.

The island also celebrated Eid Al-Fitr with fireworks, music show, and cultural and traditional celebrations earlier this year with an estimated 4500 visitors.

Speaking to press on Thursday, Maafushi Council President Hassan Solah said that the council is making preparations for Eid Al-Adha celebrations. The council estimates around 7000-8000 visitors to the island during this period.

Some activities planned for Eid Al-Adha include

  • Eid prayer in congregation
  • Morning tea
  • Udhiya sacrifice
  • Eid lunch
  • Maali bodu mas / Koadi kendun
  • Colour run
  • Three-on-three football tournament
  • Women's handball
  • Bashi boalha match
  • Children's evening
  • Eid Show / Laser show

Solah added that a fee would be charged for the colour run participation and that a colour run t-shirt and medal would also be introduced for the event.

He added that the council is working on arranging multiple ferries to the island for Eid celebrations.