Development of human capital is the best investment an organization can make: VP Naseem

Vice President Faisal Naseem has stated that the development of human capital is the best investment an organisation can make.

VP Naseem made the remarks at the opening ceremony of the second National Human Resource Convention and Expo 2022.

During his speech, VP Naseem spoke on the challenges to work cultures during the pandemic, adding that the pandemic has taught invaluable lessons with regards to how we work. He added that innovative discussions on best practices in HR and skills development is vital.

VP Naseem highlighted that the pandemic taught us that employee's mental health and well-being are equally important as their physical well-being and that organisations can utilise technology to fulfil routine tasks without employees being seated at a desk to improve productivity.

He further noted that organisations and work places should ensure a safe and conducive environment for employees, adding that guiding the workforce to reach their full potential will not only ensure success for the organisation but the nation as well.