Weather in the South good, some areas will see rain showers across the week: MET

Maldives Meteorology (MET) has revealed that Central and Northern Atolls will see rain showers across the week, with rough winds and seas.

An official of MET revealed to ONE that a Yellow Alert has been issued for Atolls between Baa and Meemu, while a White Alert has been issued for atolls from Haa Alifu and Raa.

They noted that though the rains originated from the Southern Atolls, the weather over there is better now. However, rain showers are still expected to hit the atolls. Meanwhile, the Central and Northern Atolls are expecting rain showers throughout the week.

Maldives ic currently facing the Hulhangu Monsoon rains. Authorities have issued warnings to be safe and take caution while traveling on the bridge in the capital city during harsh winds.