Maalhendhoo Water and Sewerage Project close to completion

Male' Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC) has said that the water and sewerage system project in Noonu Atoll Maalhendhoo is close to completion.

The company said that the Water Plant Facility Building, Borehole drilling and the installation of the water storage tanks have all been completed.

And a large portion of the 8.72 kilometers of water pipe installation, building connections and the two RO plants are all close to completion as well, according to the MWSC.

MWSC said that the installation of the main sewerage network, sea out flow and connection to the houses are now completed with the sewerage pumping station close to completion as well.

The project requires MWSC to provide the generators sets, vehicles and water testing equipment required to run and maintain the water and sewerage system.

Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure contracted the project to MWSC for MVR 42.9 million.