R. Kinolhas

MTCC to visit Kinolhas on Sunday to resolve harbor issue

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company MTCC has been contracted to resolve the issue the port entry issue at Raa Atoll Kinolhas.

Due to the harbor blockage at Kinolhas and the delay in the response, the people of the island protested on Wednesday. Following the protest, official Twitter account of the Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure tweeted that MTCC will be arriving at the island on Sunday to address the harbor issue at the island.

The original bid for the design and development of R. Kinolhas Harbor was opened in March 2021. However, new changes were added to the design by the Island Council and was republished for bid in July.

According to the Planning Ministry, no interest was received during the bid period and the project was given to MTCC under direct award.