Missing Persons

Sea Ambulance rescues two crewmen at sea from Alama boat

The two crewmen from the vessel Alama which sank on Monday night have been rescued by a Sea Ambulance involved in the search operation.

MNDF Media today said that two expatriates who worked on the vessel as crew members were rescued near South LUX Ari Atoll this morning at 6:50 a.m. this morning by the Coast Guard Sea Ambulance 34.

The search operations for the missing crew of the Alama boat are being carried out in the search area by Coast Guard ship Huravee, Sea Ambulance 34, Maldives Police Service and the owner of the vessel along with ten sea planes of TMA and an airplane of FlyMe.

While the Maldivian crew member is still missing, MNDF said that the search is on going around the clock.

The Captain of the Alama boat, Adam Shafeeu first reported that his vessel was sinking to the fellow captain in the same company weighing Grouper Fish, Ali Rasheed, who was traveling to Male' City from Raa Atoll.

Ali Rasheed told ONE Online that the sunken vessel have the safety equipment including two water pumps. He said that there are enough things onboard to stay afloat with if the vessel sank including fiber boxes, large barrels and over 50 lifejackets.

Last night, MNDF said that an area of 2,720 nautical miles had been searched looking for the missing crew members. The vessel reported it was sinking to MNDF Coast Guard at 11:55 p.m. on Monday night. The search operation yesterday discovered some of the things from the boat trailing in the ocean.