Sea Incidents

Cargo ship crashed on protected reef, damage being assessed

New information has come in regarding the Panamanian cargo vessel Navios Amaryllis that crashed the reef of Kaafu Atoll Rasfari yesterday that the reef is in fact a protected reef.

A 190 feet Panamanian cargo ship crashed on the western reef of K. Rasfari yesterday. Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) said that the vessel crashed on the reef after engine failure while traveling from Thoothukudi, India to South Africa.

Sources say that K. Rasfari is an island leased to Dhiraagu as a telecommunication site and is protected under industrial, environmental impact laws.

Director General of Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Ibrahim Naeem told One Online today that they are working with the relevant authorities to assess the damage to the Rasfari reef following the cargo ship crash.

And so, the people and the cargo on board is being rescued while the owner of the vessel is working to dislodge it off from the reef. However, the duration to for the process is still under discussion.

Under Maldivian Environment Laws, the highest fine for environmental damage is MVR 100 million.