HDC: Hiyaa Flats will have permanent electricity starting today

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has said that the flats development under the Hiyaa Housing Project in Hulhumale' Phase 2 will have electricity starting today.

HDC made an announcement yesterday saying that Towers H15 and H16 will be getting electricity on a permanent basis starting today. As for the other towers, they too will be getting power today if there are no further issues.

As the flat winners have started moving in, HDC said that a specific elevators have been allocated for moving property.

HDC also said that their employees will be monitoring the progress of the building and requested the support from the flat winners as it is connected to the interests of many people.

With maintenance and rent, the Hiyaa Flats costs MVR 8,500 a month and many has raised concerns saying that this is a high amount for flats without the finishing works. However, HDC has said that they cannot reduced the rent any further.