Hiyaa Flat agreement signings to resume on Sunday

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has said that the agreement signings for the Hiyaa Project Flats will be resuming this Sunday after the Eid Holidays.

The signing began last week on Wednesday.

HDC has said that the first people to sign would be those who have submitted the complete information necessarily for the documentation and advised those on the list to be presented on time for the singing to ensure the procedure goes smoothly.

Those coming to sign the agreements are advised to:

  • Bring a witness along with them and bring a copy of their National Identity Card
  • If someone has assigned a other to sign, bring a witness along
  • Only the signee and the witness would be allowed inside the signing hall

Signing for the 6,720 flats development under the Hiyaa Project in Hulhumale' Phase 2 are set to continue up to 15 August 2021. The signing procedure is being held at the Huravee School hall.

While signings have begun, HDC has previously said that the water and electricity has not been connected to the flats as of yet and the three-month grace period for the flats would begin once the services are connected.

HDC said that it is not completely safe to use the tower elevators until the electrical works are done and so the flat use would be authorized once they are completed.