Maldives Police Service

Opposition leaders into police custody to disperse rally

Maldives Police Service has taken a number of opposition leaders in to their custody in an effort to disperse the protest rally by the opposition.

Police Media Official told One Online that they have made arrests to disperse the opposition rally being held in violation of the Health Protection Agency (HPA) regulations and the peaceful gathering laws.

The opposition rally entitled "Matey Flat Kobaa?" was set to start at 4:15 p.m. today and as participants were gathering at the PPM/PNC office, some of them were taken into police custody and taken away including the MP for Nolhivaram constituency, Mohamed Nasheed (Mosta); who got elected as an independent candidate.

Both the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Police today has said that no activity that violates HPA guidelines would be allowed to take place.

The statement from the Home Ministry said that freedom of expression and the freedom of public gatherings are protected rights guaranteed by government. However, they advised against planning rallies and other activities that disregards the public health safety during the state of a national health emergency.