Over 5,600 tourist arrivals recorded yesterday, new record

Over 5,600 tourist arrivals were recorded yesterday, setting a new record for single-day arrivals since the border reopening.

Statistics published by the Tourism Ministry revealed that the Maldives recorded a total of 5,674 tourists yesterday alone. This is the highest number of arrivals in a single day since the border reopening in July, and first time the number crossed 5,000.

With this, Maldives has received a total of 132,803 tourists since the border reopening. The grand total for 2020 is 515,650. In December so far, 56,662 tourists have been recorded to the Maldives.

Russia was the top tourist market since border reopening, with 25.677 tourist arrivals from Russia. India follows closely behind with 22,015 arrivals with England trailing behind at 15,397 arrivals.