Shah: MVR 250 million owed to MWSC

Managing Director of the Male’ Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC), Hassan Shah, has said that there is MVR 250 million that the company is owed and yet to received.

Speaking on PSM’s “Raajje Miadhu” program last night, Shah said that MWSC always tried to continue providing their services across the country without interruption. However, there is a large sum of money that has yet to come in from government bodies and the public.

He said that there is about MVR 250 million is pending in payment from not only domestic customers but from government institutions and the company’s Debt Recovery Commission is working on recovering the money.

The Managing Director of MWSC said that there are customers with unpaid bills going back as far as 60 bills and the company has arranged installment plans to repay the amounts.

Shah said that MWSC is a company that has regular revenue coming in so the delayed payments does not cause too many challenges. And so, even at the end of this month, there would be MVR 280 million in cash flow.