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Parliament votes to remove Judge Baaree

The parliament has voted to remove the Juvenile Court Judge, Abdul Baaree Yousuf.

The decision was made after the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) investigated him for benefiting from the MMPRC corruption of May 2014 and involving actively in a business and failing to declare it in the asset declaration forms, and presented to the parliament’s Judiciary Committee.

JSC had also accused Judge Baaree of rewarding judges for ruling in favor of the previous government during his tenure at the Criminal Court and arranging a flat from the government in his wife’s name and receiving MVR 500,000 from Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Gafoor.

And while Baaree had paid 600,000 in cash to buy a flat registered in his name, JSC has said that the funds were acquired illegally by the judge.

A total of 62 MPs of the 67 MPs present voted for dismissal while only one MP, the MP for Nolhivaram constituency, Mohamed Nasheed, voted against.

While the parliament has voted to removed Judge Baaree, he was in suspension following a police investigation into those who benefited from the MMPRC corruption.