Drug Smuggling

Four arrested for smuggling drugs in to the country by hiding in the body

Four being have been arrested for smuggling illegal drugs in to the Maldives by using their own bodies as a container.

Maldives Police Service said that the people arrested are Ahsan-ul-Hassan (30), Mohamed Ali Baaiq (41), Mohamed Saad Varsee (22) and Abdulla Ali Hassan (34); all Pakistani nationals.

All four were arrested on 11 September upon arriving in the Maldives on a morning flight after Customs Officers suspected attempted smuggling and shared the information with the police.

When the Customs Officers suspected attempted smuggling, all four were stopped and X-rayed to show the drugs hidden inside their bodies. When the Customs and Police took them to the hospital, it was confirmed that “foreign bodies” were inside them.

Police said that after admission at the hospital, they found 81 bullets of illegal drugs weighing 791 grams were found in their fecal matter.

While the Drug Enforcement Department of the police have started an investigation, a court order has been issued for them to be kept in custody until the end of their trial.