Criminal Court

Bangladeshi national charged with drug smuggling acquitted

A Bangladeshi national named Arif who was charged with smuggling illegal drugs in to the Maldives has been freed by the court after the Prosecution failed to provide proof beyond reasonable doubt.

This is a case from 29 June 2018 where his luggage was picked for a random search by Customs Officers while in the arrivals queue at Velana International Airport l. During the search, suspect drugs in two bedrolls in a bag was confirmed for cannabis oil and the arrest was made for drug smuggling.

Since the preliminary hearing, the suspect has been pleading not guilty and had failed to present defence evidence in the seven days provided. Meanwhile, the Prosecution presented 12 articles of evidence.

The Criminal Court made a verdict in the case on Thursday stating that the defendant does not know what was in the bag he brought and has testified that he had not even opened the bag.

The court said that the defendant said that the bag was brought to be given to someone and the Police had not looked into it further.

And so, the court ruled that the prosecution fails to prove that that the defendant had the knowledge of the drugs, which were hidden deep in the bag. And this, fails to provide proof beyond reasonable doubt.

If he had been convicted, the sentence would be life in prison and a fine between MVR 100,000 and MVR 10 million.