Maldives Immigration

Maldivian Immigration introduces Traveler Health Declaration

Maldivian Immigration has introduced “Traveler Health Declaration” to expedite the process of pre-arrival and pre-departure health information in accordance with the health requirements of the Maldives.

The main objective is to mitigate health risks and ease immigration procedures according to Maldives Immigration.

As the Maldivian borders reopen for tourism today, travelers arriving and departing from the Maldives are required to submit a self-declarative health declaration within 24 hours prior to their travel.

According to Immigration, the Traveler Health Declaration has to be filled and submitted via the online portal of Maldives Immigration, “Imuga” via It can also be viewed by visiting the official website of Maldives Immigration,, and then selecting “Imuga” from the Menu Bar.

All the travelers, including tourists, work visa and other visa holders along with Maldivians have to submit the Traveler Health Declaration.