Police confiscate Ali Waheed's phone and laptop

Maldives Police Service has confiscated former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed's phone and laptop.

Ali Waheed was recently dismissed as the Tourism Ministery by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih after several employees of the ministry came forward with sexual harassment stories.

Police launched a search operation in the former minister's residence last night but refrained from sharing any further details.

They how ever revealed today that several electronic items related to Ali Waheed has been confiscated and added that they were working to collect evidence. Sources revealed to "ONE" that under the court order to search his residence, his phone and laptop were confiscated.

Ali Waheed is being accused of sexual harassment and assault by various employees of the Tourism Ministry, who had met with President Solih and the Gender Minister yesterday. During the meeting, they had shared first-hand accounts of the harassment.

Some sources claim that the number of employees Ali Waheed had harassed was at 9 while some claim 7, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Some of the employees were also subject to harassment and assault outside the workplace as well.

Maldives Police Service have also confirmed that they have launched an investigation into the issue but refrained from sharing any further details.