At Sea

Gadhdhoo South Express boat crash on reef, fishermen providing assistance

Gadhdhoo South Express, operated out of Gaafu Dhaalu Gadhdhoo to Male’ City has crashed on a reef and started taking in water. In response to the distress call, fishing vessels in the area are providing assistance.

A tweet sent out by Dhivehi Masverin said that the weather in Gaafu Dhaalu and Gaafu Alifu Atolls are rainy today with strong winds. And the Express vessel had the engine stalled and drifted on the outer reef of Vodamula near Dhaandhoo.

When fishing vessels arrived at the scene, the tail end of the Express vessel has gone on the reef with about a space of five feet damaged on the vessel. And so, divers from the fishing vessels are working to seal the damage while extra pumps are being used to drain the water out.

Dhivehi Masverin has reported that the vessel sustained damages to three areas along with the cargo inside although the extent of the damages are unclear at this time

The vessel who rescued the Express Boat in crisis said that the vessel has been rescued off the reef and taken to the cover of a reef nearby for minor repairs and now are traveling towards Gemanafushi. The vessel is expected to reach Gemanafushi within an hour.