Lockdown to be gradually eased with businesses and schools set to reopen

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih outlined the Government’s plans for gradually easing the restrictive measures it has taken in response to the pandemic on Thursday night.

These plans encompass gradually easing the lockdown in the Greater Male’ Region; allowing businesses to resume normal operations; reopening schools; and resuming communal prayer in islands where there are no COVID-19 cases. The President also remarked that the country could open its borders as early as July.

This gradual loosening of restrictions, he remarked, will occur in consultation with health authorities and will depend on the authorities’ confidence in the success of existing precautions. Further, the President emphasized that they are to be implemented in the context of a ‘new normal’ phase, in which individuals must continue to observe social distancing measures and strictly adhere to the advice of health authorities.

He stressed that people should keep in mind that the gradual loosening of restrictions is not tantamount to the country becoming free of COVID-19, and that lowering caution could result in strict restrictive measures becoming necessary once again.

The President ended by offering his prayers that the country be made free of the menace of COVID-19, and that it can return to normal life as soon as possible, with the blessings of God.