Over 30 doctors and nurses working in resorts to join COVID-19 frontline

Tourism Minister Ali Waheed has revealed that over 30 doctors working in resorts are set to join the COVID-19 frontline in the Maldives.

Speaking during a press conference at the National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC), Minister Ali Waheed said that over 30 doctors had come forward wanting to join the frontline after a need for more healthworkers were identified.

The Minister also noted that they will join the National Taskforce next week.

The government have also been working on bringing back Maldivian health professionals aboard since March. As such they have been able to bring back medical students from Nepal and Philippines as well as Bangladesh.

NEOC Spokesperson Mabrouk Azeez had previously stated that as of now there are 905 doctors and 2970 nurses in the country. However a surge in cases could potentially mean that appropriate care might lack due to scarcity of available resources and workers.