About 75 doctors and 300 nurses from IGMH will work at Tree Top at the peak of the epidemic

Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) has said that about 75 of their doctors along with 300 nurses will be working at the Tree Top Hospital in Hulhumalé during the peak of the COVID-19 epidemic in the country.

Speaking at the NEOC press conference today, the Medical Director of IGMH, Dr. Ali Nazeem said that a plan of action has been prepared for when the epidemic hits its peak.

And so, in a situation where the patients are tested at IGMH and then transferred to Tree Top Hospital, it would be done as well.

He said that patients that would be transferred to Tree Top Hospital will be determined by the Clinic Management Advisory Committee established at the hospital.

Dr. Nazeem said that as the number of patients being transferred to Hulhumale’ increases, a large contingent of nurses and doctors will be moved as well. And at that point, a large portion of the IGMH fleet will be moved as well.

However, there will be sufficient staff at IGMH to provide care to the patients and the hospital operations will continue.

At the peak, Tree Top Hospital will be providing care in 100 ICU beds and 60 general beds according to the Medical Director of IGMH.