HPA and Health Ministry websites hacked with a cryptic video

The websites of Health Ministry and Health Protection Agency (HPA) have been hacked with a cryptic video being uploaded to both websites.

National Emergency Operation Center (NEOC) Spokesperson Mabrouk Azeez revealed to "One Online" that the COVID-19 dashboard of HPA still remains active.

The video states that Maldives is currently at the biggest risk that the country has ever had to face and that the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has only been engaged in political games during such a critical time. It added that they will no longer wait to hear the sweet talks of the government.

It also added that the Indian government now has an upperhand to the Maldives which is why the government cannot decide on what is best for Maldivians. It also went on to say that the government has failed to do anything beneficial for the citizens since coming to power.

The video also highlighted that many has lost their jobs due to COVID-19 which will result in them being homeless and having to starve.

Police is now investigating the case, and both websites are now back to normal.