Sri Lanka

Special flight for Maldivians who want to return from Sri Lanka


Inner Maldives Holidays has prepared to arrange a special flight from Sri Lanka to the Maldives for Maldivians who wants to return to the country.

The Managing Director of Ace Airways, Mohamed Firaq told One Online that a large number of Maldivians in Sri Lanka wants to return to the Maldives after the COVID-19 outbreak and the company is in discussion with the Maldivian government to have a special charter flight for Maldivians who want to return to the country.

He said that the price of this flight is yet to be decided as it a charter flight and the price would depend on the demand.

Ace Airways is the General Sales Agent of Sri Lankan Airlines in the Maldives.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Maldivian government has decided that all incoming passengers have to go under a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Tourists are exempt from this quarantine.

Sri Lankan government has a curfew in effect as COVID-19 spreads rapidly in the country frequented by Maldivians.