Patient from Thinadhoo negative to Coronavirus, lockdown lifted

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has revealed that the Italian tourist suspected of Coronavirus from Vaavu Atoll Thinadhoo has tested negative, following which the lockdown on the island has been lifted.

Health Protection Agency confirmed that the person who was taken into the isolation facility from Vaavu Thinadhoo for a suspected Covid-19 case had tested negative to the virus. However, further tests and analysis are scheduled to be made within an additional 24 hours due to the presence of suspected syptoms.

HPA further stressed that after the contact tracing and additional investigations, they have decided to lift the lockdown on the island.

Summer Island Resort has also been placed under a temporary lockdown as two tourists in the island are being tested for the Covid-19 Coronavirus. Health Protection Agency (HPA) revealed that two French tourists are being transferred after being suspected of carrying the Coronavirus. They are due to be tested for the virus.

Summer Island Resort had later revealed that the resort doctor and two additional employees have also been quarantined after the incident. The two tourists in their thirties first consulted the doctor for a fever last Thursday. They had notified the HPA the moment they noticed suspicious symptoms relating to Covid-19.

Summer Island further stressed that as per the advise of HPA, the two tourists were in a self-imposed quarantine in their rooms.