Police begin investigating leaked audios of Minister Ali Waheed due to potential criminal activitiy

Maldives Police Service have begun investigating the leaked audios that are allegedly of Tourism Minister Ali Waheed and his colleagues due to potential criminal activities talked about in the conversations.

With regards to the leaked audios, Police noted that a formal complaint have not been lodged. However, since they have noticed talks of potential criminal activities, they have decided to investigate the leaks further with the relevant authorities.

However they did not disclose exactly what is being investigated.

An anonymous Twitter account have been leaking audios of Minister Ali Waheed in small clips. Some of these audios include instances where the Minister have been addressing Health Minister Abdulla Ameen and Education Minister Aishath Ali very rudely.

The leaks also include audios where corruption was planned as well as a phone call to Transport Minister Aishath Nahula, where the conversation was steered towards a sexual nature.

The Minister have reiterated that these audios are not legit and that it is just a petty crime. He has said that the truth will be out with a proper investigation.