Addu City

Addu City Mayor: Addu tertiary hospital to begin service on Tuesday

Addu City Mayor, Abdulla Sodhiq (Sobe) has said that the tertiary hospital in Addu City Hithadhoo will begin services on Tuesday.

Talking to One Online today, Mayor Sodhiq said, although the service set to resume at the hospital today, the delay is because some of the equipment needed for the hospital is being transferred to via sea and the weather is a factor in that process.

“It is rainy here (Addu City) today, the work of bringing equipment to the hospital is ongoing.” Mayor Sodhiq said.

The first service to begin at the hospital is the OPD clinic according to Mayor Sodhiq and the rest of the services will follow in the next month or so.

Addu Convention Center was developed as a tertiary hospital with a large operation theater complex and an emergency complex with the latest resources.

Once the spacious hospital resume service, the current hospital can go under renovations and resolve the equipment issues.