Criminal Court

Hearing in the murder of Yaamin Rasheed at Criminal Court

A hearing in the murder of the social media activist and blogger, Yaamin Rasheed, has been set to take place at the Criminal Court.

At the hearing at 1:30 p.m. today, the accused are charged with intentionally killing a person with a sharp object.

The officers who searched the residences of the accused, Ismail Rasheed and Hussain Ziyad, provided their statement to the court at the last hearing in the case.

And so, the officer who searched the residence of Ismail Rasheed testified that a military uniform consisting of a shirt, pants and a cap was found in his room along with a laptop and a phone.

The previously hearing also saw the presiding judge, Ali Rasheed, deciding on how the defense witnesses will give their statements.

The Judge said that the closing statements in the case will be at the hearing set for 15 January 2020 and sentencing hearing will be on 30 January.

The 29-year-old blogger, Yaamin Rasheed, was found attacked and killed with a sharp object on 22 April 2017 in the stairwell of his residence.

The State has charged Ismail Haisham Rasheed, Ahmed Zihan Ismail, Mohamed Difran, Hassan Shifaz, Isamil Rasheed and Hussain Ziyad in connection to the murder.