Commission report on Raudha's death sent to President's Office

Commission on Deaths and Disappearances have finished their investigative report on the death of Maldivian model, Raudha Athif, who was found dead in Bangladesh and has since submitted the report to the President's Office.

This was confirmed in a tweet by the Commission, which noted that the report has now been submitted to the President's Office.

Raudha, 20, who was featured as a Maldivian model in a Vogue magazine cover in 2016, was a second-year student at Islami Bank Medical College in Rajshahi. On 29 March 2017, she was found dead in her college dormitory room.

Bangladeshi authorities also probed the death of the model, who came up with a final report suggesting she had committed suicide.

Her father rejected the reports and submitted a no-confidence petition with a Rajshahi court. Following the court order, PBI had been investigating the case since 23 December 2017.

According to the report, the allegations brought by the father was found out in the investigation to be “mistake of facts” and the ligature marks around Raudha’s neck were non-continuous as proved by the autopsy reports and the marks that her father claimed to be fingerprinted are bruised by the thin metals that were with her scarf, which she used to take her life.

The PBI did not find any witnesses or evidence regarding the involvement of her classmate with her death.