Trial against Adeeb to begin tomorrow

Criminal Court has scheduled the trial against former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb on two counts of money laundering along with five other charges.

Apart from the two money laundering charges, Adeeb is being charged with being an accomplice to corruption on two counts, abuse of power to gain certain advantages on two counts and a charge of using his position for illegal purposes.

The trial hearing is currently scheduled for 1:00pm tomorrow.

Criminal Court sought to charge Adeeb once again after a reinvestigation into the MMPRC corruption scandal last September.

Adeeb is being charged with money laundering based on the findings of the ACC, Police and Asset Recovery Commission regarding the massive corruption of MMPRC through 2014 and 2015.

Adeeb was previously issued a 33 year jail term on the MMPRC case along with two other cases. However he was set free earlier after finding out gross injustices in how the trial was carried out.