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Local boat seized after going to collect from vessel traveling with 150 kgs of drugs

A Maldivian boat that went to collect from the vessel traveling with 150 kgs of drugs have been taken into the custody of the MNDF Coast Guard.

The vessel carrying massive quantity of drugs was caught in a joint operation by the Indian, Sri Lankan and the Maldivian coast guards.

The drug boat was taken into the custody of the MNDF Coast Guard about 172 nautical miles west of Haa Alifu Thuraakunu, inside the Maldivian economic borders.

MNDF said that the vessel was reported by the Indian coast guard and with information that a Maldivian vessel was at the scene to collect drugs, a special operation was launched in cooperation with the Maldives Police Service and seized the Maldivian vessel “Hedheykuri 7” at the scene.

Last night, police said that they are working to bring the vessel to Male’ City.

The drug boat in custody of the MNDF was sailing under an Iranian flag. Coast Guard said that there were six crewmen, two Maldivians and two foreigners, on the vessel when it was taken into custody.

India’s Hindustan Times report that over 150 kgs of heroin worth over a million dollars were seized in the operation on Saturday.