Adeeb sentenced to three months in jail

Former Vice President, Ahmed Adeeb has been sentenced to jail for three months and eighteen days over his attempted escape to India.

Adeeb tried to flee on the Indian vessel named “Vaago 9” in August 2019 and was stopped by Indian authorities during an attempt to enter the country at Tuticorin while impersonating a crewman. State had pressed charges of obstruction of justice against Adeeb, who tried to flee after his passport was seized on the order of the Supreme Court.

During the trial hearing held last Tuesday, Public Prosecutor Ahmed Naufal noted that Adeeb is being charged under Article 533 (A) and (C) of the Penal Code.

Adeed pleaded guilty to all charges by the state and added that a similar statement was given during his detention under police custody. He had apologized to the Police, and assured them that it would not repeat in the future.