Addu City

Addu City Council requests assistance against extremism

Addu City Council has requested the government for a quick resolution to the issue of religious extremism in the city.

Talking to One Online today, the Mayor of Addu City Abdulla Sodiq (Sobe) said that there have been talk of religious extremism spreading in the city but a specific group has not been identified to be behind it.

Mayor Sodiq said that there are graffiti supporting extremist views on walls from time to time.

He said that the Addu City Council met with the Defence Minister, Mariya Ahmed Didi, yesterday and shared the concerns although the purpose of the meeting was not to address the issue.

The discuss yesterday was to discuss the measures that could be taken by the Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) and the National Disaster Management Center (NDMC) when responding to natural disasters.

While the spread of extremism in Addu City have been brought to the attention of the government, Maldives Police Service was informed of a graffiti in Addu City supporting the Islamic State (IS) in June this year.

And following the report by the Presidential Commission investigating deaths and disappearances on the murder of the Minivan News journalist, Ahmed Rilwan Abdulla, in a joint operation with the police, locations at Addu City were searched including two businesses.