High Court

Suspect in the murder of Sheereen freed

The suspect in the murder of Mariyam Shereen in December 2009, Mohamed Najaah, has been freed.

It was revealed that he was freed when I the judge remarked at the appeal hearing at the High Court on Tuesday when he did not appear for the hearing.

The charge against Najaah said that he killed Shereen at Maafannu Kurahaage and put the body in a suitcase and took it in a taxi to Maafannu Angaagiri and left it there. In 2015, the Criminal Court ruled that charge cannot be proven against Najaah. And the state appealed the case at the High Court.

When the High Court sent the summon order to the Correctional Service to bring Najaah to the court for his hearing, a letter was sent in response from the Correctional Service to the High Court saying that Najaah was freed under President's clemency on in April 2019.

Najaah was freed after President's clemency for a sentence he was serving for a drug crime.