At Sea

Ferry sinks while traveling to Male’ from Noonu Atoll after crashing on reef

The ferry traveling from Noonu Atoll to Male’ City last night with a total of 31 people, including four children, has crashed on a reef and sunk in the ocean between Kaafu Atoll Gaafaru and Male’.

MNDF said that the launch sank after being rescued from the reef and was being towed to Gaafaru by another vessel.

Authorities say that there were five people on board when it sank this morning and they were taken on to the vessel towing the launch.

Sources say that the launch is 84 foot-long with an aluminum hull.

A launch of the MNDF Coast Guard Male’ Area Command is currently at the scene.

The ferry’s initial crash on the reef while traveling with 31 people was reported last night at 9:46 p.m. MNDF said that no one was injured in the incident.