MDP to hold Councillor's Conference

MDP has decided to hold a conference with all Councillor's who represent the party, in a bid to further strengthen the decentralisation system.

Speaking to the media, Spokesperson of MDP Afshan Latheef revealed that the conference will be held from August 22 till August 23 at Huravee School in Hulhumale.

Afshan also revealed that invitations are now being sent to Councillors to participate in the conference. Over 300 councillors who represent MDP in island, atoll and city councils are to be invited to take part in the conference.

During this conference, councillors will be able to share and voice out their concerns while inquiring about the changes in the pipeline for them. Afshan also added that coming Thursday night, arrangements will be finalized to facilitate meetings with top government officials and councillors.

Afshan also noted that MPL buses will be arranged as means of transport for those who wish to participate in the sessions. While the opening ceremony is set for 9:00pm, the bus will depart at 8:30pm from the Greater Male' Bus Terminal.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih along with Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed will be participating in the opening ceremony.