Maldives Police Service

Number of parking violations reduced last week

Weekly statistics from the Traffic Management Department of the Maldives Police Service has shown a significant decrease in the number of traffic stickers issued for parking violations in Male’ City.

The statistics issued today for the duration from 10-16 August 2019 show that 44 vehicles were issued traffic stickers for parking violations.

It is a reduction of 429 compared to the statistics from 3-9 August 2019 where a total of 473 stickers were issued for parking violations.

This past week, a total of 31 traffic collisions have been reported according to the police and the driving license of one person has been withheld in connection to them.

While 33 cases of driving without the license in possession have been noted, 49 cases of driving by persons who does not possess a driving license have been noted by the police along with eight cases of violating traffic signs.

Police statistics also show four cases of driving while on the phone and five cases driving while smoking.

While only one vehicle was towed for illegal parking, only one case of speeding was noted in the past week's statistics.