HPA advises caution on general health issues during rainy season

Health Protection Agency (HPA) has advised all to take caution against general health issues during the rainy season and urged all to take preventive measures well in advance.

HPA had advised to be cautious about three things; general cleanliness, food and medicine in addition to cleaning and draining of stagnant water.

The agency had appealed to keep children away from flood areas until the floods are completely drained out and cleaned.

They had also urged to seek assistance of the Public Health Unit to clear up any leakages of septic tanks or sewerage systems in the event that they get overfilled. HPA also stressed to take preventive measures during such work including covering any open wounds and using proper gear and gloves to carry out such work in addition to getting rid of them properly after wrapping up said works.

For those who use different kinds of medicine, HPA appealed to keep those stored in places where water could not reach them. In addition to this, they noted to arrange alternative options to store medication like insulin - which requires temperature control - in case a power outage occurs. Additionally, the HPA asked not to use food items prone to rotting if power outages last over four hours. If any food items in the household is affected in anyway by water, the HPA appealed to get rid of those items safely.

HPA also asserted to wash hands thoroughly from time to time, in order to observe general health. They had also asked to keep children away from flood waters and puddles during the season.

Heavy rainstorms have caused flooding and additional damages in various parts of the Maldives this week.