Addu City

Roof thrown off five houses in Addu City

Five houses in Addu City has had their roofs thrown off during the ongoing rainstorm in the city.

MNDF said that they are providing assistance to the houses where roofs were thrown off in the connected islands of Addu City.

While two houses in Hulhudhoo has had their roof thrown off, one has been affected in Hithadhoo, Feydhoo and Meedhoo.

The storm in the south of the country has also destroyed roof a house in Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo according to the MNDF.

MET said that heavy rain is expected at a large portion of the country with the possibility of thunderstorms. While seas are expected to be rough in general, they will be severe during showers. Winds are expected between 13-23 mph in the southern atolls and 8-18 in the rest of the countries. Although they are expected to pick up to 45 mph with gusts of wind.

The MET has also warned of possible swell waves during high tides.