Dh. Maaenboodhoo

Siraj elected as President of Maaemboodhoo Council

Ibrahim Siraj has been elected as the President of the Dhaalu Atoll Maaemboodhoo Island Council.

The position on the island council became vacant after the previous President, Ahmed Fikuree, resigned on 7 July. The acting interim President of the Council was Hilma Abdulla.

A president was elected to the council this morning in a closed vote at the Council office. All the members of the Council, including Siraj took part in the vote.

One Media has learned that the former President of the Maaemboodhoo Island Council, Ahmed Fikuree resigned after stating that the council lacks a responsible workplace environment. Sources have also said that Fikuree’s resignation also give the chance for other Councilors to become President.

Siraj also ran for Council President and Vice President during the first election of the current term. While Fikuree ran for the Council on the PPM ticket, Siraj and Hilmee ran independent candidates.