Dh. Maaenboodhoo

Over 5000 frigate tuna caught in Maaembudhoo lagoon, 42 per house

Over 5000 frigate tuna fish has been caught in the harbor lagoon of Dhaalu Atoll Maaembudhoo. And yesterday, each house on the island got 42 fishes as well. The fish were caught on the south side of the island in the “Hudhu Falhu”.

A man in the island told One Online that the fishing took place close to sunset yesterday and a large number of people went fishing. He said that the fish were distributed to the people of the island.

While a large number of frigate tuna were caught yesterday, photos show the tide being very low in the fishing area. The “Hudhu Falhu” is a large lagoon where people can walk across to the Niyaama Resort during low tide.

This time a large quantity of frigate tuna entered the lagoon during Ramadan last month. Since then, people have been fishing from time to time.

Maaembudhoo is a fishing island and has the third largest population in Dhaalu Atoll.