Audit reports did not find any involvement of our staff in MMPRC case: BML

Bank of Maldives has said that In relation to the ongoing MMPRC case, the Bank’s internal audits as well as the audits undertaken by MMA and the Financial Intelligence Unit verified that the Bank had fully complied with its legal and regulatory obligations as prescribed under the law. They added that the reports did not find any wrongdoing or involvement of any of their staff.

BML's statement comes after ACC claimed that about 38 of their staff were complicit in the corruption scandal

In their statement, BML said that they have in place a strong governance framework supported by robust policies and procedures that take into account the relevant laws and regulations, and follows international best

practices. It added that strong internal controls are in place to ensure their employees operate within the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

"While the Bank has refrained from commenting on what is an ongoing investigation, it strongly condemns yesterday’s comments that imply our staff were involved in the MMPRC case. These allegations were also made ahead of the conclusion of this case. Unfounded allegations such as these have the potential to undermine our plans as well as to impact negatively on our reputation with international correspondent banks on whom businesses and people rely on for payments and trade," the statement read.

They also added that the cheques issued to MMPRC and deposited to SOF accounts were endorsed cheques presented to the Bank. These cheques were deposited in compliance with the law, specifically the Negotiable Instruments Act 16/95, which the Bank of Maldives and all banks operating in the country conform to.

"We have and will continue to work closely with the authorities to provide our full support and cooperation to this ongoing investigation. The Bank looks forward to the swift conclusion of this case and to be cleared of these allegations," they highlighted.