Adeeb to depart coming Friday, will return on the 26th: Imran

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has revealed that former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb will depart for medical treatment coming Friday, and that he is set to return on June 26th.

Minister Imran revealed to the Parliament Committee on National Security that tickets have been purchased for the said dates, and that officers of Maldives Correctional Services will be traveling with Adeeb. The Minister also highlighted that they have informed the relevant authorities in India about the medical trip as well.

"Hence I believe that we have taken necessary security steps and that we are prepared for this. Tickets have been purchased to depart on June 14th, and return on June 26th. If there are no further requests by the doctors and things go according tot he current schedule, he would be able to return by the 26th," Minister Imran said during the meeting.

Minister Imran further added that if Adeeb requests for an extension on his medical leave, it would be granted under the set procedures.

Commissioner of Prisons, Abdulla Munaz noted that they had initially worked to treat Adeeb in the Maldives after the consultation with a doctor. However, numerous attempts failed as the treatment was not available in the country and so the medical board had suggested that treatment be sought overseas.

Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameedh revealed that a team consisting of senior officers from the Police will be traveling to India ahead of Adeeb's trip on Friday.