JSC to submit motion to parliament to remove Magistrate for the first time

Judicial Services Commission (JSC) is set to submit a motion to the parliament to remove a Magistrate for the first time.

During their meeting on Wednesday, JSC had decided that they will submit a motion to remove GDh. Thinadhoo Magistrate Court's Magistrate Ibrahim Rasheed.

Speaking during a press conference on Wednesday, Director of JSC Hassan Zaheen noted that this was the first time in the history of JSC that they are moving forward to remove a Magistrate or Judge through parliament. He added that Magistrate Rasheed is being removed from his post due to disciplinary issues.

Zaheen noted that there was a set procedure in case a disciplinary issue of a Magistrate comes to light and added that after a debate in the commission, they have come to the decision to submit a motion to the parliament for the removal of the said Magistrate.

During the meeting, JSC had also decided to suspend Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi and Family Court Chief Judge Hassan Saeed as well.