MP Eesa: Making past Vice Presidents homeless is a threat to national security

The MP for Kendhikulhudhoo constituency, Ahmed Eesa has said that taking away the benefits sidelining former Vice Presidents is a threat to national security.

In the closing debate on the bill to protect the benefits of Vice Presidents by the 19th Parliament. The bill was initially passed by the 18th Parliament and sent for ratification by the president before being sent back for further consideration.

After many MPs representing MDP criticized the bill, MP Eesa said that the bill is incomplete and supports amending it to how the President wants it.

Debating the bill, the MP for Kudahuvadhoo constituency, Ahmed Amir said that the Vice President has the same constitutional responsibilities as the President. And so, it is not fair for someone who was in such a position to end up on the streets. He said that former Vice Presidents should have some benefits from the state budget.

Opposition MP, Ahmed Simaau of Naifaru constituency said that he believes that Vice Presidents should have benefits at the end of the term in office.

Debating the bill, the MP for Kaashidhoo constituency, Abdulla Jabir, too, said that even a small benefit should be given to the Vice President and a decision must be reached based on discussion.