Alleged corruption of USD 1 mln involving Justice Abdulla Didi submitted to JSC

Sources reveal that the disciplinary case of Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi, submitted to the Judicial Services Commission (JSC) by Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed was regarding an alleged corruption of USD 1 million.

It is said that Justice Abdulla Didi had received USD 1 million as a bribe to sentence Nasheed to jail. Secretary General of the Parliament had confirmed on Sunday that as the Speaker of Parliament, Nasheed had submitted a case against the Supreme Court Justice.

Allegedly, USD 1 million was deposited to the account of Justice Abdulla Didi's wife, Qhaaniya Abdul Ghafoor, as a bribe to sentence Nasheed to jail for 13 years.

During the press briefing on Sunday, the Secretary General noted that Speaker Nasheed had submitted two cases to the JSC.

Abdulla Didi is among the justices who were on the bench of justices that oversaw Nasheed's trial, where he was sentenced to 13 years in jail for terrorism.