Discussions ongoing to establish regional museums: Yumna

Heritage Minister Yumna Maumoon has revealed that discussions are currently underway to establish museums in different regions of the country.

Minister Yumna's statement came in relation to International Museum Day which is celebrated globally on 18 May.

The Minister said that developing regional branches of the national museum and the opening of private museums would be something that would make all Maldivians proud of their rich heritage and history. The Minster noted that such things were a gift from our ancestors and that it was our responsibility to preserve them for generations to come.

She described a museum as a place that provides priceless information about the heritage and history of a country to the society, students and tourists that visit a country. Hence, she said that museums play a vital role in the development of a society.

The first museum of Maldives was opened on November 19, 1952.