K. Kaashidhoo

Council: Kaashidhoo would bring four boats of produce per week to Male’

Kaashidhoo Island Council has said that the island would bring four boats of produce from their farms every week this Ramadan.

Vice President of the Council, Sahula Zahir told One Online that Kaafu Atoll Kashidhoo, too, is a farming island and brings a number of products to the Male’ market in Ramadan.

Sahula said that the island farms a number of farm produce including watermelon, chilli and other fruits used to make juices. And a lot of coconuts are being sent as well.

Instead of farmers directly sending produce to Male’, Kaashidhoo farmers sell their produce to a supplier in the island who brings the produce to the capital.

Sahula said that a comment cannot be made on the price as it is set based on the market. But when the Kaashidhoo produce starts coming in regularly, the prices would see a good change.